Military Rifle

Due to the popularity of our first shoot, this will now be a regular event on the 1st Sunday of odd-numbered months! We will alternate with Buffalo Rifle, which will be held on the 1st Sunday of even-numbered months.

If you have any questions, please email the match director, Steve Foster at

Gates will open at 8:30 for set up and registration. We will begin shooting at 9:30.

Course of fire:

Shooters will shoot in one or all classes:

  • Semi-auto optics 4.5x max. zoom setting.
  • Semi-auto iron sights
  • Bolt action iron sights

Each shooter will shoot from the same bench so everyone sees the same target presentation.

Reactive steel targets will be set at 100, 200, and 300 yards . The number of targets and presentation at each yardage will be determined by match director.

Magazines will be loaded with a maximum of 8 rounds, bring extra magazines or clips if shooting an M1 Garand . There will be reloads during course of fire.

Shooter will start with bolts open, magazine or clip in hand.
No front or rear supports. Slings may be used.

Shooter will be shooting against the clock . Any misses will count as 5 seconds additional time added to total time to complete the string.

There will be three people appointed as spotters. Spotters will keep track of misses. Spotters have final say as to hit or miss.

Shooting order will be established before beginning and as soon as one shooter has cleared the bench , The next shooter will be called to the line, shooters should be prepared in advance for their turn.

We will try to collect brass between shooters.

No steel core or armor piercing projectiles.

You will need a empty chamber indicator flag for safety. Bring one.

Round count will vary on how many categories you participate in.
Bring at least 50 rounds for each category.

Note: We want to keep the rifles in as original configuration as possible. That means NO sporterized rifles. AR’s, by their very nature, are already somewhat different than their original military counterparts, but you don’t have to have an M16A2 or M4 clone type rifle. Any AR in semi-auto mode will be fine.