About Us

Chartered in 1947, the Greenville Gun Club initially offered only trap and skeet ranges. As the club grew over the years, it incorporated rifle and pistol disciplines as well. In 2009 it was reorganized as a non-profit for the benefit of its members. The Greenville Gun Club now features two club houses, a training facility, outdoor pistol and rifle ranges, trap, skeet and 5-stand fields. Monthly and annual tournaments draw competitors from all across the United States and even from overseas (for example Australia, Canada and Europe).

The Greenville Gun Club is a private shooting facility requiring annual membership. The club is not open to the public except for specific tournaments where membership with a national shooting organization is required.

Club Rental: The Greenville Gun Club cannot be leased or rented. All GGC facilities are for the benefit of GGC members, their families and their guests.

Club Visit: Please do not come to the club to visit. Non-GGC members are not permitted to “test” our facilities.

Corporate Memberships: We do not offer Corporate memberships.

Student Memberships: We do not offer Student memberships.

Third-party Organizations: We do not permit third-party entities to use our ranges or facilities. The club is funded by and provides shooting sport activities to GGC members only. We are here for the benefit of our members, their families and their guests.

New Memberships: New membership information is found on the New Member page. Please note that from the time you submit a request to be added to the waiting list, it usually takes several months before you will receive an application packet. Once you have submitted your application packet, the membership process can range from 1 to 5 weeks depending on outstanding items.