Trapshooting at the Greenville Gun Club!

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Trapshooting is a shotgun shooting sport where a clay target is release from a trap house and that target flies away from the shooter. The typical trap target in practice is a single target, shot using a single shotgun shell. Up to 5 shooters may shoot in any round of Trap; the first shooter always leads each round of 5 targets.

The Greenville Gun Club uses a token system. Tokens may be purchased in the clubhouse for $2.50 / round in increments of $5, $10, and $20 purchases. Tokens may be redeemed by dropping them into to coin box posted at each trap field. Each token provides 25 targets and 1 target as a “see-one” for the first shooter. Additional extra targets are also provided in case a target may break when leaving the trap house. Please do not shoot extra targets at the end of the round; as unused extra rounds help offset the times where we have breakage.

For trap practice, each field is equipped with a microphone target calling system. The squad leader, or leader of the round, will approach the first position, and put the microphones in the ON position. Once on, any verbal noise will cause the system to launch a target. Please take care not to speak when on the trap field once the speakers are on; mis-launched targets will not be replaced. Additionally, take care when moving the microphone stands as this too can cause inadvertent target launches. When the round is complete, the squad leader has the responsibility to turn the microphones OFF and to clear any remaining targets from the token box (button or switch under token box).

Monthly, from September to April, the Greenville Gun Club hosts a 1 day registered ATA tournament shoot on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This shoot is open to any ATA registered individual – whether GGC member or not. You can join the ATA during the first shooting competition at the club. Registered ATA shoots typically consist of 100 Singles, 100 Handicap, and 50 pair of Doubles. The ATA Trap program is subject to change and is controlled by the Director of Trap. Please consult this Director and/or get on his email list for the Trap program by sending an email to Tournament fees, prizes, and other rules are stated on his program.

All ATA and GGC rules are in effect during tournaments. Only ATA tournament officials may stop shooting during an ATA tournament.

If you have questions, please contact the Trap Director.