Shotgunning at the Greenville Gun Club!

Greenville Gun Club offers four shotgun shooting opportunities – trap, skeet, 5-Stand, and Shotgun Pattern Board.

Our members have two trap fields, 3 skeet fields, and 1 5-Stand field to shoot practice from. The trap and skeet fields are open for practice typically on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons starting at 1pm and closing at dark. GGC reserves the right to close earlier depending on attendance. The 5-Stand field is open Wednesday and Sunday afternoons from 1.30pm to dark. Please refer to the Events page for any field closures.

We offer access to a Shotgun Pattern Board, located between the 5th and 6th trap field. This pattern board can be used only when the two adjacent fields are not in use. Please follow appropriate ammunition restrictions when using the pattern board; absolutely no turkey loads, slugs, or buckshot can be used on this pattern board.

Trap and Skeet operate using a Token system. Purchase tokens in the clubhouse for $2.50 and redeem your tokens on the trap or skeet field. Your $2.50 purchase entitles you to 1 round of 25 targets of either trap or skeet. The first shooter may call for a “see one” target prior to the start of the round. You are also allocated an extra target should one break coming from the machines; however, shooting the extra targets just because you have some left over is strongly discouraged.

Practice availability is impacted when Trap or Skeet have registered tournaments. Effectively, all fields are closed to practice when Trap holds their monthly ATA tournament; and when Skeet holds their periodic NSSA tournament. Please review the Events calendar to determine when those tournaments are held so you are not disappointed when coming to the ranges for practice.

Participation in ATA or NSSA tournaments are open to the public (as long as you are a member of those respective organizations); otherwise all other practice and access is closed to GGC members and their guests.

Special Rules:

  •  Trap & Skeet can be shot with any shotgun in a gauge from 12 gauge down to the .410 bore.
  •  Ear and Eye protection forward of the fence barricade are required. Range Safety Officers may stop any shooting activities and request each shooter to wear this protection. If you don’t have it, you may purchase ear plugs in the clubhouse. Refusal to wear this protection violates the Rules and Regulations of the Club and the shooter will be asked to leave the GGC.
  • Only shells with shot size 7 ½, 8 or 9’s can be used on the fields and on the patterning board.  Please, no hunting loads with shot size 6, 4, 2, BB or buckshot.
  • Do not load more than one shell for single targets; two for doubles.
  • All Shotgun specific rules can be found posted in the clubhouse and posted on the bulletin board.