The Greenville Gun Club provides outdoor rifle shooting up to 300 yards for its members and their guests. The rifle range pavilion provides an overhead shelter, fixed benches for left- and right-handed shooters, a bench to the rear for supplies, as well as stools of various heights to accommodate any sized shooter. There is also room to lay prone between the shooting stations and in some places, the ability to stand.

The Rifle Range is split into multiple distances offering 50-yard, 100-yard, 200-yard, and 300-yard targets. While target stands and backers are provided by the club, shooters need to bring their own targets and method of attachment to the target. Targets should be placed in the center of the backers to prevent shooting the target bracing/brackets themselves. If the shooter wishes to bring a water jug, clay target, or other target, they may do so. The shooter is responsible for taking down the provided target, putting up their own targets in front of the berm, cleaning up the used targets and repositioning the GGC target stands. Absolutely no glass or explosive chemicals are permitted; and placement of the targets on or in front of the railroad ties is expressively prohibited.

The Rifle Range is generally open from 9 AM until legal sunset. On Thursdays, the range closes at 3 PM for tournament setup. On Sundays, it is closed until 3 PM during the tournaments. Range closure signs will be present in the driveway when the rifle range is closed. See also the Events page for more closure information.

Eye and ear protection is required while in the Rifle Range area. No automatic firearms or weapons firing the .50 BMG cartridge are permitted on GGC property. For additional information, please see our Range Safety Rules and/or call one of our Rifle Directors.