International Defensive Pistol Association


The Greenville Gun Club is an IDPA affiliate club and hosts regular monthly matches on the 2nd Sunday of odd-numbered months. Registration starts at 8:30 AM in the Stat Shack followed by the Shooters’ Meeting at 10 AM.

There is a new division in IDPA, PCC. Please read the rules for this division. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the match director, Chuck Smith.

IDPA matches offer shooters a place to compete using stock “off the shelf” pistols, both semi-autos and revolvers, rather than the pricey “race” guns. IDPA attempts to closely simulate real life defensive scenarios. Any 9x19mm caliber or larger pistol is acceptable and barrel length must be 5 inches or less.

Gear should be consistent with “carry gear” including a holster, magazine pouch, and you will need at least three mags or speed loaders. We typically offer 5 courses of fire in each monthly match. Stages are designed to test your defensive shooting skills and defensive problem solving skills as well.

You need not be an expert shooter to compete!

Shooters are classified based on their skill level with the gun they shoot and compete only against equally skilled competitors. No matter your age or gender you will find IDPA to be a fun discipline that will improve your shooting technique and skill.

Come out to test your shooting and moving skills or just to have some plain old fun.

Defensive pistol membership and matches are open to all who can legally own a handgun in South Carolina. Defensive Pistol shooters come from all walks of life and include many women. A sport the entire family can enjoy!

Shooters competing in Defensive Pistol events are required to use practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for self-defense use. No “competition only” equipment is permitted in Defensive Pistol matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual, not his or her equipment or gamesmanship.

Defensive pistol shooting as a sport is quite simply the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios.