Pistol Shooting at the Greenville Gun Club


The Greenville Gun Club Pistol discipline offers several outdoor pistol ranges and shooting opportunities.

The Pistol Range includes target opportunities at 7 yard, 50 feet, 25 yards, and 50 yards. Each shooting lane has a soil berm backstop.  Target holders are provided, members must bring their own paper targets. Shooting of plastic bottles, phone books, clay targets, and other targets are permissible when the target stand is laid down and these other targets are placed directly in front of the berm. The member is responsible for picking up and disposing of these targets upon completion.  Placing targets on or directly in front of the railway ties is prohibited.

On a monthly basis, the Greenville Gun Club hosts several registered tournaments for different tactical organizations such as CPSL and IDPA.  During these matches, shooters use tactical shooting bays located downrange of the rifle range.  The tactical shooting bays are closed except during these matches.  The bays provide different shooting environments and venues dependent on the match director’s setup that day. Please contact the Pistol 1 Director for IDPA and the Pistol 2 Director for CPSL.  Either can be contacted regarding general pistol range questions, concerns and suggestions.

A third pistol range is the Practice Bay.  The Practice Bays can only be used by those pistol shooters authorized and this authorization is managed by the Pistol and Match Directors.  Members who assist during monthly matches, get trained to be a safety officer, and who display very safe practices can request to be authorized.  Most members do not have access to these bays.