New Members

Want to join the Greenville Gun Club? Get on our waiting list!

To be considered for membership, you must be on our waiting list. Please write a letter to the address below and include your phone number, email address and mailing address. Also make sure to tell us whether you have access to the Internet (in order to take the online Range Safety Test) and state your intention to be added to the waiting list. We do not send waiting list confirmations.

Greenville Gun Club
c/o Waiting List
PO Box 1165
Mauldin, SC 29662

Note: Do not send copies of your background check documentation with a request to be placed on the waiting list. If you do, your request will be declined.

Then what?

The Secretary sends new member application packs to interested applicants from February to June each year in the order the waiting list request was received. The application packet contains all of the pertinent information for how to become a member. You will have 60 days (or by Jun 30th, whichever comes first) to respond to this invitation. Failure to respond will result in removal from the waiting list.

Application packets are mailed in 9×13 white or brown envelopes. The steps involved to become a member are fully explained in the packet sent to you. Here are the high-level items that must be completed to be approved for membership:

  • Completed and certified application form
  • Passing a test based on GGC Membership Range Safety Rules
  • Safety orientation class
  • Board interview
  • Background check
  • Payment of fees
  • Board approval

Fee Schedule

The Greenville Gun Club charges three fees for all new members. These fees are discussed in your application packet and include:

  • Non-refundable application fee ($100)
  • One-time initiation fee ($250)
  • Annual Dues ($150)

Application and Initiation Fees are one-time. After the first year, the Annual Dues is the only fee that recurs; amount is subject to change.

Background Check

We accept SC CWP or FBI background check documentation. If you are a Class I law enforcement officer, we will accept your official credentials as your background check. Under NO circumstances should you mail a copy of your background information to the club; if a copy is sent, your application will be declined. All background check documentation must be done IN PERSON.

Application Process

Once you have submitted your application packet to the Greenville Gun Club, the Secretary will send you periodic emails advising you of your status. Once you have been approved for membership, credentials will be mailed to your home. Typically credentials are sent 1-2 weeks after approval. Once credentials are received, you are an active GGC member and can enjoy all of the benefits of being a member.