Membership Renewals

Membership renewals will be mailed in late October or early November after the elections are concluded. Renewals will be mailed to all Active and Emeritus members. Renewal procedures change each year, so please follow the instructions in the packet received.

Renewal submissions are due by 12/31. We will determine the date of mailing by the postmark on the envelope we receive from you. Renewals mailed after 12/31 must include the late fee, which is currently $50.

With over 1000 members and this occurring during the holiday season, processing will take several weeks between the time you mail your renewal, when your check is cashed and when credentials are mailed. Please DO NOT email the Secretary or Treasurer to check your status.

As in years past, we will add a link to list all of the successfully renewed members pending the generation of new credentials. This list will be periodically updated. Also, renewals are NOT processed in the order of receipt due to mail volumes.

All members whose renewals are not received by the due date will receive a letter of notification.

Any member who has not renewed by 2/1 will be considered in default and their membership suspended until all renewal steps are completed.

Special Note: Several members like to TAPE their renewal envelopes shut. Please do not apply so much tape that it is difficult to open; we receive several each year where literally every hole is taped/sealed shut. Thanks!