Club Rules

All Greenville Gun Club members, member guests, and competition shooters must adhere to the Greenville Gun Club Membership Range Safety Rules.

Each year, during renewals, each GGC member must certify that they have read and understood the Membership Range Safety Rules. These rules are reviewed annually and frequently updated.  The updates from the prior version are identified within the document.

All new members are required to review the Membership Range Safety Rules, pass a test based on those rules, and certify on the new membership application form that the rules have been read and understood.

Members are responsible for their guests.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all guests adhere to the Membership Range Safety Rules while on GGC property. Guests, upon arrival at the range, must sign the waiver found in the clubhouse or at the rifle or pistol range.

Competitions/tournaments hosted at GGC follow a slightly different protocol. For the most part, all tournaments are registered with a national organization to which participants are members of; such as ATA, NSSA, IDPA, and SASS.  These tournaments are governed by those rules so as to not conflict with GGC rules. It is up to the match director to identify any gaps and address them with competitors.  Tournaments not governed by 3rd party rules, must adhere to the GGC Membership Range Safety Rules.

All members are considered Range Safety Officers and must assist in self-policing the ranges.  If a member witnesses an unsafe action, the member is encouraged to approach the offending member suggesting corrective action or rule clarification in a polite manner.  If a member is uncertain or uncomfortable with what they are observing, the member is instructed to obtain the offending members name and badge number and report to a board member.

There are designated and NRA trained Range Safety Officers on the range at designated times at the discretion of the Safety Director. These RSO’s wear the characteristic orange hat and will provide feedback where applicable and/or corrective action.

All members are required to have their membership credentials on their person while on Greenville Gun Club property.  This badge should be accessible and readable by other members.

For any questions about the Membership Range Safety Rules or to express interest in becoming an NRA trained Range Safety Officer, please contact the Safety Director.