Welcome to the sport of 5-Stand!



The games on the 5-Stand field offer a bigger variety of target types and presentations than are found on skeet or trap fields. The purpose of 5-Stand is to simulate Sporting Clays but from a single Trap or Skeet field, maximizing space.

At the Greenville Gun Club, our 5-Stand field uses a variety of target types – midi, standard clay, battau, teal, and rabbits. Using 10-12 target machines in any given round, each pointed in different directions, different angles of flight, and velocity, each round of 5-Stand provides challenges for any level of shooting experience.

Currently our 5-Stand Director presents two shooting games:

1.  “Traditional 5-Stand” – Targets are specified on menu boards in front of each of the five stations. You know which targets will fly and in what sequence. The targets in this game are longer range and are good practice for sporting clay courses. Report* pairs, true pairs, and single targets are offered.

2.  The other game is called ‘Random’ in which targets are thrown from the same machines used in Traditional 5-Stand. However, when you call ‘pull’, you don’t know which target you’ll get. This game is quite popular and is shot from a shorter distance. Hunters like it because you never know where a bird is coming from out in the field; and this game is a great simulation and practice for hunting.

Regardless of game, you get 25 targets per round. In each game you get a single and 2 report pairs at each station. *On a report pair, when you call ‘pull’, the first bird is launched. When you shoot, the report of your gun going off is the pull command for the 2nd target.

Currently, the field is open on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at approx. 1:30. The cost per round is $4.00 for each game.

Members and their guests should come on out and give us a try.